Adding a wine to your dish

Why Add Wine, Bourbon or Whiskey in Your Dishes?

Aside from drinking alcoholic beverages and savoring their tastes, do you know they can also enhance the flavor of your dishes? Incorporate the health effects and sumptuous tasty notes of your favorite wine, bourbon or whiskey. Here’s why you should:

Add the Benefits of Wine onto Your Recipes

Wine has the ability to lessen the possibilities of heart attack. For those who take it moderately on a daily basis, it has been found they’re 30% less likely to suffer from strokes. Its selections can lessen chances of heart diseases. People who drink red wine can reap Procyanidins, which shield them from heart-related conditions.

If you’re cooking fish or meat, you can primarily pour in some wine before stir frying your food. This should add more flavor to your meal, especially if you’re a fan of sweet and citric hints on food. Did you know wine can keep your meats tender when marinated? It also seals in the flavor and moisture in the process.

Cooking Whiskey in Your Food

As you appreciate strong tasting beverages, know that whiskey can also do wonders for your health. When taken moderately, it actually helps you to avoid gaining weight since it is low in calories and contains zero sugar. Whiskey can also help you combat cancer. It is brimming with antioxidants, specifically ellagic acid. This antioxidant shields your body from encountering cancer-causing elements, and this puts an early stop of cancer cell formation.

Whiskey can be quite a flexible ingredient to add in various recipes. For instance, it can add a dash of strong flavors in desserts, steaks, and other savory meals. When stir fried with side dishes and add on ingredients on burgers, whiskey also adds a distinct taste on their caramelized consistencies.

Pairing Your Wine or Whiskey Inspired Meals with Fruits

If you would like to be additionally healthy during your meals, you can still abide by some fruit and alcohol pairing charts. Not only are they great to cap off your succulent sessions, they can also boost the anti-oxidants in your body. Plus most fruits are rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, which have their additional benefits for the body such as skin repair from UV ray damage.

You might have an oversupply or surplus of Bordeaux stocks from the holidays or a previously held party. In this case, you can pair the alcohol based meals with pears, plums and dried fruits as your dessert. Sauvignon Blanc based meals would be great to have organic banana bread as sweets to cap off the meal.

Just when you thought wine and whiskey are simply for social drinking and relaxing evenings, they can actually be added to your succulent dishes. Give them a try and start eating healthier today.