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Fun facts about spirits.

Fun Facts About Your Favorite Types of  Spirits

You likely have your favorite drink or one you feel is the smoothest whiskey or the best sipping whiskey out there. You may know everything there is to know about how to drink whiskey and how to enjoy a nice glass of spirits, but do you really know about your favorite drinks? Check out these fun facts about some of the spirits commonly enjoyed around the world. 


A popular favorite of artists and writers who used the charging drink to stimulate their late night creative sessions as one of the best ways to drink whiskey, Absinthe has a tumultuous history. In the United States, this drink was actually banned in 1912 because at the time it was believed to be hallucinogenic; only recently has the bad rap began to fade and the drink is now legal to buy, sell, and consume once again. The term “absinthe” originated out of Artemisia absinthium, which is the technical name for wormwood, the main ingredient in this robust spirit. Long before distillers discovered it, the herb was used for medicinal purposes.

Known as one of the best sipping whiskey types, cognac is known by the the French to be made from l’eau de vie or the water of life. The spirit provides a rich velvety flavor that is among the most famous brandy of France. The area of Cognac, a small but vital area in the heart of France, is made up of  six grape-growing regions. Grapes are fermented and refined several times and a clear spirit is created. The spirit is then aged in oak barrels and different blends and aged barrels are blended to create different flavors of cognac spirits, known by many as one of the smoothest whiskey varieties.

Gin is popular with businessmen, soldiers, celebrities, and the working class. This spirit has been a popular options for a range of drink mixes and has been a staple at bars and clubs around the world fro decades. The original creators of the drink infused alcohol with juniper berries and other herbs and spices to make a range of flavored vodkas. Gin is still made this way today with variations on the brewing, distilling and flavoring methods used to distinguish one brand from another. All gin has a base juniper flavor, other flavor that can be found in this drink come from a number of herbs,  fruits, spices, vegetables, flowers, and even tea.

The drinking world would be much more sober and a lot less interesting if vermouth had never been created. There would be no Dry Martini, Manhattan, or other popular cocktails without it. Vermouth is a unique spirit in that it is actually fortified wine or wine that has been spiked with super strong distilled alcohol. The mix is then flavored with herbs and spices and sweeteners.  Interestingly, most brands of vermouth is based on white wine and the color of the finished drink comes from the botanicals used and the sugar used in the final mix. It is not one of the smoothest whiskey drinks you can try but it is a unique and flavorful experience to be sure.

Cachaça is a baby in the world of fine spirits as it is just recently beginning to make waves in the worldwide market of spirit enthusiasts. It is however, far from a new creation and can be traced back to 1532, when the distillation of the sugar plant really took off in Brazil and it was soon brewed into cachaça. Today, it has become one of the most popular spirits for the people in Brazil with thousands of different variations brands, and flavors and some rare bottles go for hundreds of dollars each. The biggest distinguishing factor between cachaça and common rum comes down to the juice used to make it- most rum uses sugarcane juice where cachaça have a more herbaceous flavor that makes it a good sipping whiskey.

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