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Most of you might have been thinking if the alcohol content of certain liquor can actually cook food.  Can the alcohol retain its property including the smell and the taste once we incorporated heat on the dish?  Generally, we combine alcoholic drinks in our foods to add taste.   It is also added to some of our dish because alcohol can create a certain chemical reaction to our foods causing it to release a special type of aroma that will not be able to provide by the other ingredients.  Alcoholic drinks in our foods can also break down the strong fibers when we use them as marinades.  Furthermore, it is so common to see chefs who use alcohol as a form of entertainment such as their flaming dishes and flambé.

Alcohol evaporates even without the use of heat.  A huge portion of alcohol will burn out during the cooking process.  The amount that will be preserved on the dish depends on the time of cooking.  For example, a bottle of alcohol, use on a stew will not be able to retain its alcohol content, but will leave a rich and vigorous flavor.  Heat is always the factor on how much alcohol content, will remain on the food.  A quick flambé will preserve some of its alcohol content and an uncooked dish will save most of the alcoholic drinks in our food.

Tips in cooking with alcohol

When an alcohol drink is the main ingredient in your recipe, and you are trying to avoid alcohol, you can always look for a substitute but you must remember that it will not taste the same.  Most of the time it will taste bland and different.

If your recipe requires milk or a cream and you have to use an alcohol, make sure to burn the alcoholic drinks in our food first before adding the milk or cream.  Adding the cream or milk while there is strong alcohol content may cause the sauce to curdle.

If you want to use it for flaming dishes, make sure that the alcohol you are putting on the dish is warm.  Also, make sure that the dish is hot.  You should also use a lighter or a long match when lighting the dish.  Tilt the container or pan away from you to avoid accident.  The alcohol is always incorporated in the last minute and should be lighted as fast as possible.  Let it burn for some time so that the dish will absorb the flavor of the wine.  Also, allow the alcohol content to evaporate so it will not overpower the flavor of the main dish.

The wine that you are going to use should be drinkable.  Cooking wines contains sodium that may create a sour or salty taste.

If you do not want to use wines as a marinade, you can always use a tomato juice as an alternative.  Sugar can also serve as a replacement for sweeter liquors.

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Tuscany landscape

Wine lovers unite

The Best Cities Wine Lovers Should Visit

If you love drinking fine wine and if you are passionate about traveling, make sure to include the cities that will be mentioned below in your bucket list. These cities offer some of the best wines in the world. You will have the opportunity to not only sample wine but also learn more about how it is made and visit scenic wineries.


When you speak of wine, most people would instantly think of Tuscany as a perfect travel destination. Because of the many choices, it is hard to reach a decision with regards to where you should go. Some of the best regions that are worth checking out include Chianti, Bolgheri, Montalcino, and San Gimignano. With its rolling hills and scenic views, people come to Tuscany not only to enjoy wines but to also marvel in the beauty if its landscapes.

Napa Valley

One of the best things about Napa Valley is that it offers a vacation that is filled with different activities, more than just wine tours. It is also easily accessible from San Francisco, making it more popular. Most wine lovers visit from September to November and from March to May. If you do not mind dealing with the crowd and paying for prices that are higher than normal, visit during the harvest season, which is from August to October.

Cape Town

While most people would not immediately recognize Cape Town as an ideal destination for lovers of wine, it promises a memorable trip. Often described as a sociable and stunning city, it has a glittering cosmopolitan vibe, which means that you can expect sophisticated places to serve the finest wines. Constantia Valley is one of the places that you should not miss as it offers a stunning view of the Table Mountain and the chance to experience some of the best wines in the region.


Portugal is another country that is perfect for wine adventure, especially in Porto. Although many of the tasting rooms only started in the 1960’s, they are quick to adopt to the taste of their clientele, and it did not take long before they have gained global reputation. Red and white table wines are abundant in this city, which is also frequented by many because of its lively shopping scene.


The city offers accessibility to different vineyards and wineries, most of which are less than an hour away. It is also believed that it has the most vineyards within a city limit in the world. The abundance of the choices alone will already make you excited about the thought of traveling to Vienna. Do not forget to visit a Heuriger, which is a licensed establishment to sell the freshest harvest of the year from the growers themselves.

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Adding a wine to your dish

Why Add Wine, Bourbon or Whiskey in Your Dishes?

Aside from drinking alcoholic beverages and savoring their tastes, do you know they can also enhance the flavor of your dishes? Incorporate the health effects and sumptuous tasty notes of your favorite wine, bourbon or whiskey. Here’s why you should:

Add the Benefits of Wine onto Your Recipes

Wine has the ability to lessen the possibilities of heart attack. For those who take it moderately on a daily basis, it has been found they’re 30% less likely to suffer from strokes. Its selections can lessen chances of heart diseases. People who drink red wine can reap Procyanidins, which shield them from heart-related conditions.

If you’re cooking fish or meat, you can primarily pour in some wine before stir frying your food. This should add more flavor to your meal, especially if you’re a fan of sweet and citric hints on food. Did you know wine can keep your meats tender when marinated? It also seals in the flavor and moisture in the process.

Cooking Whiskey in Your Food

As you appreciate strong tasting beverages, know that whiskey can also do wonders for your health. When taken moderately, it actually helps you to avoid gaining weight since it is low in calories and contains zero sugar. Whiskey can also help you combat cancer. It is brimming with antioxidants, specifically ellagic acid. This antioxidant shields your body from encountering cancer-causing elements, and this puts an early stop of cancer cell formation.

Whiskey can be quite a flexible ingredient to add in various recipes. For instance, it can add a dash of strong flavors in desserts, steaks, and other savory meals. When stir fried with side dishes and add on ingredients on burgers, whiskey also adds a distinct taste on their caramelized consistencies.

Pairing Your Wine or Whiskey Inspired Meals with Fruits

If you would like to be additionally healthy during your meals, you can still abide by some fruit and alcohol pairing charts. Not only are they great to cap off your succulent sessions, they can also boost the anti-oxidants in your body. Plus most fruits are rich in nutrients such as Vitamin C, which have their additional benefits for the body such as skin repair from UV ray damage.

You might have an oversupply or surplus of Bordeaux stocks from the holidays or a previously held party. In this case, you can pair the alcohol based meals with pears, plums and dried fruits as your dessert. Sauvignon Blanc based meals would be great to have organic banana bread as sweets to cap off the meal.

Just when you thought wine and whiskey are simply for social drinking and relaxing evenings, they can actually be added to your succulent dishes. Give them a try and start eating healthier today.

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Cognac and cigar

Fun facts about spirits.

Fun Facts About Your Favorite Types of  Spirits

You likely have your favorite drink or one you feel is the smoothest whiskey or the best sipping whiskey out there. You may know everything there is to know about how to drink whiskey and how to enjoy a nice glass of spirits, but do you really know about your favorite drinks? Check out these fun facts about some of the spirits commonly enjoyed around the world. 


A popular favorite of artists and writers who used the charging drink to stimulate their late night creative sessions as one of the best ways to drink whiskey, Absinthe has a tumultuous history. In the United States, this drink was actually banned in 1912 because at the time it was believed to be hallucinogenic; only recently has the bad rap began to fade and the drink is now legal to buy, sell, and consume once again. The term “absinthe” originated out of Artemisia absinthium, which is the technical name for wormwood, the main ingredient in this robust spirit. Long before distillers discovered it, the herb was used for medicinal purposes.

Known as one of the best sipping whiskey types, cognac is known by the the French to be made from l’eau de vie or the water of life. The spirit provides a rich velvety flavor that is among the most famous brandy of France. The area of Cognac, a small but vital area in the heart of France, is made up of  six grape-growing regions. Grapes are fermented and refined several times and a clear spirit is created. The spirit is then aged in oak barrels and different blends and aged barrels are blended to create different flavors of cognac spirits, known by many as one of the smoothest whiskey varieties.

Gin is popular with businessmen, soldiers, celebrities, and the working class. This spirit has been a popular options for a range of drink mixes and has been a staple at bars and clubs around the world fro decades. The original creators of the drink infused alcohol with juniper berries and other herbs and spices to make a range of flavored vodkas. Gin is still made this way today with variations on the brewing, distilling and flavoring methods used to distinguish one brand from another. All gin has a base juniper flavor, other flavor that can be found in this drink come from a number of herbs,  fruits, spices, vegetables, flowers, and even tea.

The drinking world would be much more sober and a lot less interesting if vermouth had never been created. There would be no Dry Martini, Manhattan, or other popular cocktails without it. Vermouth is a unique spirit in that it is actually fortified wine or wine that has been spiked with super strong distilled alcohol. The mix is then flavored with herbs and spices and sweeteners.  Interestingly, most brands of vermouth is based on white wine and the color of the finished drink comes from the botanicals used and the sugar used in the final mix. It is not one of the smoothest whiskey drinks you can try but it is a unique and flavorful experience to be sure.

Cachaça is a baby in the world of fine spirits as it is just recently beginning to make waves in the worldwide market of spirit enthusiasts. It is however, far from a new creation and can be traced back to 1532, when the distillation of the sugar plant really took off in Brazil and it was soon brewed into cachaça. Today, it has become one of the most popular spirits for the people in Brazil with thousands of different variations brands, and flavors and some rare bottles go for hundreds of dollars each. The biggest distinguishing factor between cachaça and common rum comes down to the juice used to make it- most rum uses sugarcane juice where cachaça have a more herbaceous flavor that makes it a good sipping whiskey.

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